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Grayson Blenders....a definite advantage
High Shear Blender
The Grayson High Shear Blender quickly, easily and thoroughly blends more types of fillers. It is the answer to difficult blending jobs - proven in alumina trihydrate, calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate (Gypsum) as well as all the ordinary fillers used in fiberglass applications. Put a Grayson High Shear Blender in your plant.
3 Standard Models
Low Shear Blender
 With the Grayson Low Shear Blender, you can select the size for the job. Even when operating without a filled resin system, the Grayson Blender can provide definite advantages. It will enable you to lessen the amount of air bubbles and other faulty resin aspects that increase reject rate. It keeps your resin in suspension and allows you to pump directly from the blender. The Grayson Blender installs quickly and employs the existing air supply of any chopper gun installation.
3 Standard Models
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 09 August 2017 )